The Iron Pig Alehouse serves authentic slow cooked, smoked barbecue. Our goal is to have you experience what it is like to dine in a modern BBQ joint, coupled with an extensive craft beer program to quench your thirst! We serve only the highest quality beef, pork and poultry. Everything is smoked using oak and hickory for hours. The result is melt in your mouth, authentic (and slightly addictive) modern BBQ.

Iron Pig Alehouse
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Chris O.'s Review Chris O.
5 Stars

Came here for delicious barbecue and craft beer and this place did not disappoint.

This restaurant is located near the Vons on Garnet Avenue before all of...

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Kristine T.'s Review Kristine T.
4 Stars

Came here last night for dinner and though it was raining, parking in PB was still a pain. No wait though. You came in and sat yourself!

A waitress came by...

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Sheri H.'s Review Sheri H.
5 Stars

I'm giving this place 5 stars!

Great food.. The chicken and pork are
amazing. My family inhaled the wings!

The salad is good and the decor and feel of...

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Mon-Sat 11:30am - Close
Sunday    10:00am - Close

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